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Ultimate Saver Protection Plan

“The Revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make It fall.” – Pawan Kalyan When you hear the term revolutionary many thoughts may come to mind. For most of us, the first thought would be along the lines of “something that sets the course for the future in a way of dramatic change”. This is what we are here to provide for you, and to set us apart from the rest. We understand when you look on pen and paper the revolution we are speaking of may not be as flashy as the…

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Should I Get My Car Detailed in Winter?

Winter Car Detailing As the weather gradually becomes colder you may find it harder to will yourself to stand outside and wash your car, especially when you have already turned the outside water off to ensure there is no freezing of the pipes. You may find it easy to put off for a few days, or even a few weeks. However, getting a car detail in the winter is one of the best things to do! A winter car detail, is simply getting a auto detail in the winter months. Eventually when the snow hits the ground and the salt hits…

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Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light If your check engine light is on, we can explain what it could mean and what you should do about it. When the check engine light illuminates, it can either blink or remain constantly “lit” depending on the problem. If the light is illuminated and solid, it’s not an emergency.  However, you should have your vehicle checked out. A flashing check engine light indicates a problem that needs immediate attention. If you notice your check engine light blinking here’s what to do: Check your dashboard lights and dashboard gauges for indications of low oil pressure or overheating. These…

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Leaking Car Fluid?

Fluid leaking from a car could mean a variety of different things. Take notice of the color that is leaking from the car.  Once you get an idea of what color it is, we may be able to help you find out what area the vehicle is leaking from. Red Fluid Leaking from Car Red fluid leaking from a car typically indicates one of two things: The leak is coming from your transmission(transmission fluid). The leak is coming from your power steering system(power steering fluid). For the car’s transmission, this could be due to a faulty transmission seal (gasket). However,…

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Brake Fluid

How to Check Brake Fluid In order to check a vehicle’s brake fluid, you will first need to locate and identify the reservoir.  The location of the reservoir will vary from vehicle to vehicle, but in most cars, the brake fluid reservoir is found sitting on top of the brake master cylinder.  The brake master cylinder is typically found on the driver’s side of the vehicle up near the firewall.  The brake fluid reservoir is usually made of plastic for newer vehicles and metal for older ones. Questions on what is brake fluid? Once located, complete the following steps in…

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Washer Fluid

Windshield Washer Fluid Whether she knew it at the time or not, Mary Anderson changed how we drive and operate our vehicles on the road.  It’s virtually impossible to operate a vehicle without windshield wipers, especially in mild to extreme weather conditions.  With that said, it’s safe to assume that no one would prefer to drive without windshield wipers. However, reviewing the best life-extending practices for something as simple as windshield wipers may not entice most.  It is crucial for any driver to know how to maintain their wipers in order to ensure that you are fully prepared in the…

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Radiator Coolant How to Check Coolant Level: If you ever find yourself past due for a coolant change there is a good chance that your cooling system has corroded. If this is the case you should take your car for a professional coolant flush, especially if you’ve mixed different types of radiator coolant. Usually you can tell your coolant is bad before even bringing it in for a flush by extracting some of the existing coolant with a baster and examining it. If there is evidence of corrosion or gunk build up, you are in need of a full-service flushing. Providing…

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Car Detailing Near Me

Car Detailing Near Me DriveSmart’s goal is to provide leading automotive industry news, tips and tricks that can benefit everyone! Not many truly know about the worth and process of a car detail service. So, to better understand the many benefits of car detailing, also known as auto-detailing, let’s outline what to expect when you choose to take your vehicle to a car detailing near me. TABLE OF CONTENTS: I.    What Is Car Detailing? II.  What Is the Difference Between a Car Wash and an Auto Detail? III. What are the Steps in Auto Detailing? IV. What are the…

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