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2019 Acura MDX Safety Features

Drivers nowadays have a better opportunity at staying safe while driving more today than ever before. As each year progresses, new car models seem to be coming equipped with safety features and technology that we could only dream about ten years ago. Here is an analysis of the 2019 Acura MDX’s safety features and why these features should be a must-have in any of your future car purchases! It Comes Standard The 2019 Acura MDX comes standard with: Forward-collision warning Auto-braking city speed/highway speed Lane-departure warning Lane-keeping assist It also has the option to come with: Blind-spot warning Rear cross…

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Top 3 Ways to Save Money on Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is something we all are required to have as American citizens if we’d like to be behind the wheel. It can seem pretty overwhelming as you try to decide which insurance company can provide you with the lowest possible price. Here are the top 3 tips we’ve organized that will save you money on auto insurance: 1. Understand Auto Insurance Your auto insurance will be either your best friend or your worst enemy in the incident of an accident. As you decide which company to commit to you should take a step back and understand the entire concept…

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8 Big Mistakes New Car Buyers Make

By simply understanding these mistakes, this may help you avoid making them. 8. Not thoroughly researching the vehicle. You have the most powerful/fastest way of obtaining information: the internet. Therefore, put it to good use and search every car dealership in the state selling that car. Look around for prices, build a profile on the car, and print out proof of all competitive prices – this is a great practice for when you decide on visiting car dealerships. Most importantly, do not forget to research the worth of your current car’s trade-in value! Dealers everywhere express how far below MSRP…

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The End of an Era: Volkswagen Halts Production on Iconic Beetle

Throughout the automotive industry, there has only been a few legendary vehicles that have been able to surpass the test of time that can truly be classified as an iconic figure throughout all of the world. From conception in 1933 to post WW2 production, the Beetle quickly became a popular means of transportation. In 1949 the first Volkswagen Beetle arrived in America and by 1956 Beetles became so rare owning one had nostalgia about it, Bug owners waving and honking at each other. In 1969, twelve years later the VW Bug was one of the world’s best-selling vehicles, with the…

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