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8 Big Mistakes New Car Buyers Make

By simply understanding these mistakes, this may help you avoid making them. 8. Not thoroughly researching the vehicle. You have the most powerful/fastest way of obtaining information: the internet. Therefore, put it to good use and search every car dealership in the state selling that car. Look around for prices, build a profile on the car, and print out proof of all competitive prices – this is a great practice for when you decide on visiting car dealerships. Most importantly, do not forget to research the worth of your current car’s trade-in value! Dealers everywhere express how far below MSRP…

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The End of an Era: Volkswagen Halts Production on Iconic Beetle

Throughout the automotive industry, there has only been a few legendary vehicles that have been able to surpass the test of time that can truly be classified as an iconic figure throughout all of the world. From conception in 1933 to post WW2 production, the Beetle quickly became a popular means of transportation. In 1949 the first Volkswagen Beetle arrived in America and by 1956 Beetles became so rare owning one had nostalgia about it, Bug owners waving and honking at each other. In 1969, twelve years later the VW Bug was one of the world’s best-selling vehicles, with the…

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Graduation Day Essentials

As you gear up and get ready for the big day that you’ve spent countless hours working towards, make sure you have all the essentials to make Graduation Day that special day you will never forget. Here at DriveSmart Warranty we know the anticipation leading up to Graduation may feel like a lifetime, but the excitement from that moment will make the day come and go in the blink of an eye. Take a look at these tips and tricks so you remember this day forever. Sunglasses During this time of year, the chance of sitting outside in the blaring…

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How to Keep Your Car as Eco-Friendly as Possible

Maintain properly inflated tires Having deflated tires, even at the slightest bit can directly affect in your cars performance and gas mileage efficacy. Under-inflations can put unnecessary strain on your tires causing friction which will eventually lead to a rupture. An US average price of a new tire is anywhere from $80-$150 per tire depending on the quality of tire you choose. On the high end some tires can cost up to $300 dollars. On the other hand under-inflated tires can decrease your fuel economy by 0.2% for every drop in psi (pound per square inch), increasing additional fuel waste…

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10 Tips to Keep Your Car Running Forever

As millions of Americans rely on their cars from day to day without a second thought, we would like to remind you there are ways to take care of your automobile so it can continue serving your needs for years to come. With basic maintenance, care and diagnostics one can prolong the life of their vehicle for several extra years than someone who neglects their wheels. Below are 10 easy steps that if done regularly will put extra life into your most valuable, underappreciated asset; our Vehicles. The Basics Keeping it Clean – Washing your car regularly not only keeps…

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