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From call to claim, DriveSmart Warranty is dedicated in providing our customers with the highest level of support possible. Find out what our customers say about DriveSmart and enroll with one of the best extended auto warranty companies today!

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Who is DriveSmart?

Founded in 2016, DriveSmart Warranty has aimed to become the forefront of the auto warranty industry. Starting off small in New Jersey and expanding its office into New York City, DriveSmart has hit the ground running and shows no signs of slowing down! With some of the most affordable payment options seen on the market, friendly & engaging customer support, and the most extensive coverage options seen to date - DriveSmart is dedicated in bringing you the coverage you deserve!

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What Customers Are Saying About DriveSmart

DriveSmart puts customer service before all else. See what some of our customers have been saying about their coverage and the quality of service DriveSmart provides.

Frankie Williams exhibited exceptional customer service etiquette, was very helpful and addressing my concerns and arrange for a follow-up once the documents that were requested were received by Frankie. Please acknowledge Frankie's exceptional service to your customer. This is from Wayne Williams.

Wayne Williams

Jacksonville, Florida

I LOVE their website! Really easy to navigate. I was able to find a number in a heartbeat, I talked to their rep (Jon), and I got squared away with their advantage plan! Easy peasy. Will definitely recommend to friends!

Deirdre Randall

Miami, Florida

Last night I was on the phone with DriveSmart setting up my new extended warranty. The woman I spoke to was professional , friendly, and passionate about her job. She worked with me as I designed my protection plan. I didn’t need everything they offered so I went with the middle tier Advantage plan. It covers my brakes, engine, transmission, electrical, steering, gaskets, and more. My only regret about DriveSmart is that I didn’t know about them sooner. Way better than the competition!

Franny Gonzalez

Herndon, Virginia

I was in the market for a VSC and heard their Ad on Spotify. This made me want a DriveSmart plan, it was an easy process after going to their website. I requested a quote, they called me and hooked me up with the coverage I wanted. Then I spoke to a customer service representative Anthony, who was especially great, he went over every question I had, while explaining the worth of the coverage!

Caroline Price

Binghamton, New York

DriveSmart came in clutch when I started to hear clunking noises coming from my front suspension. I have the premium plan so not only am I covered for a major repair but also for smaller stuff like my power windows and locks.

Yesenia Rodriguez

Paoli, Pennsylvania

So I spoke with Robyn Grey over at Drive Smart and she was absolutely phenomenal she helped me out with all of my questions and concerns about warrenties and I've already recommended this company to people in my family and a few friends.I had my reservations when it came to car coverage and the team they have over there definitely squashed any issues that i had.

Nicole Brown

Kingsville, Texas

Christian Goodwin

May 26, 2019

I always have a good experience with DriveSmart. Any time I've called in with concerns their customer service handles it with ease. They are very timely, professional and understanding!

Brandon Edwards

November 21, 2018

I have a 99 Pontiac Firebird, my manufacturer's warranty expired long ago. I love this car and will do pretty much anything to keep it on the road. Seemed like a good idea to pick up an extended auto-warranty. DriveSmart Warranty has great automotive resources on their website. I requested to get a quote after a bit of reading. Their pricing is fair when you consider the worth of your vehicle, overall their process is very easy and their agents are with you every step of the way. If you reconsider they a 30-day evaluation full-refund period.

Lucy Refugio

November 3, 2018

I've had a policy with DriveSmart since early January. I have no complaints only compliments, their customer service is great! Their plans are solid, they are willing to go the extra mile and make a plan work for you (budget-wise). Very professional.

Jonelle Cooper

June 12, 2018

DriveSmart's Car Payment Reimbursement plan is amazing! That got me to sign up, not gonna lie. Their other services are good, but that CPR is the best by far.

Matthew L.

April 30, 2019

I called in with questions and concerns about their service. My call was taken by Jonathon Taylor, who was an extremely nice but at the same time professional. I appreciated his patience and kindness. This rep should be acknowledged for his professionalism and his kindness along with his knowledge of the company. He is truly an asset to your company and should be compensated somehow! Thanks so much for the pleasant experience!

Brandon G.

March 20, 2019

Requested a quote on their website, was contacted quite quickly by an enrollment agent. Their reps are very knowledgeable, and their coverage was worth it to me. I received their welcome package in the mail about a week after enrollment and couldn't be happier with the service.

Jonelle C.

June 14, 2018

I spoke with Kendra from DriveSmart's Customer Service, she guided me through the website and helped me understand the different plans they offer. I had a great experience signing up for DriveSmart's Warranty, what sold me was their signature Car Payment Reimbursement that pays for my car if its in the shop for more than a week.

Dorine E.

June 7, 2017

Just had the pleasure of talking to the sweetest CS agent today. Shelby A**** was Both quick and intelligent. I love how easily their CS department handles calls. I thought there was an issue with my account, within a minute I was on the phone with an agent, by the fifth minute my issue was completely dealt with and settled. DriveSmart's service towards me was wonderful! Thank you Ms. A****

Jay W.

February 5, 2018

I had a great experience with drivesmart i took out a policy over the phone about a year ago and was a little sceptical about the coverage but when my car wouldn't start one morning i was very happy with how things went they fixed my car with no problem gave me a rent a car and were very easy to deal with i went and put the coverage on my two other cars.

Helena S.

February 1, 2018

I had an enjoyable sales experience, they were very friendly, educational, and willing to offer me different quotes that would both give me the affordable price I wanted.

John Coffey

Anthony was very helpful and pleasant to deal with over the phone, especially since I wanted to cancel my new policy. He confirmed my cancellation very quickly once I completed the steps. He was very courteous and patient especially when I was getting frustrated. I appreciate his patience and help through all of it. If I ever want to get another policy. I would highly consider DriveSmart again. Would highly consider DriveSmart again.

John Coffey

Tonya Griffin

I would totally recommend DriveSmart to anyone. Their agent Jonathan took his time with me to go over my entire policy booklet. He helped me understand everything and answered any questions that arose. Very professional and helpful.

Tonya Griffin

Christopher Singleton

My dealership told me my ford warranty expired and I only had about 30k miles. They tried to charge me for a power window motor for 450. I almost paid them for it too. Then I found drive smart and they educated about my factory warranty. The dealership apologized and lost a customer for not being ethical. I would’ve bought a warranty through them but now im much happier with drivesmart.

Christopher Singleton

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