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Top 5 Most Haunted Roads in America!

on April 27, 2021

Top 5 Most Haunted Roads in America!

on April 27, 2021

There are some roads that are very scenic, wonderful places to drive and enjoy as a detour on a road trip. However, not everyone likes those kinds of things. For the people who live on the creepy side of life, there are the most haunted roads in America.

Frequented by the exceptionally ghoulish, these eerie roads put a little bit of fright into your trip. From roads that were homes to gruesome murders, to hitchhiking spirits that just can’t seem to find their way home, there is no denying the terrifying thoughts on these nightmarish streets.

Whether the stories behind these roads are true, and if these streets really are haunted, remains a mystery. However, what is well known is the fact that these streets still give people the chills when they drive down them. Let’s take a look at some of the most haunted roads in America.

Crawford Road – Yorktown, Virginia

This road is a very urban path to take, filled with dozens of urban legends and tales of the haunting origins. There are a few landmarks that have been known as staples in the overall haunted history of the road. 

The first place that is known for its haunted heritage is “Cry Baby Bridge”, which is where a slave woman had been running from dangerous people with her baby. She ended up throwing the baby over the edge of the bridge into the stream below to give it a chance.

While the details of that night will not be elaborated on, it is said that late at night, you will hear the crying of both the baby and the mother. There is also said to be a haunted car that will drive behind you and tailgate you until you pull over.

There is an entrance to a logging facility off of this road as well. It is said that back in the ‘70s, there were plans for a new housing development to do up off of the road, but their plans were thwarted. There was evidence of murder found while they were in the beginning phases of planning.

While this finding didn’t help with their plans, they were inevitably forced to stop their plans, as this road is located in George Washington State Park. this means that the land is protected and can not be built upon.

While there are parts of this road that are residential, as it is located outside of the state park, this road is mostly woodlands and state park owned area. While the legends are just that, the fact of the matter is there have been more of the other-worldly experiences than not.

If you plan on going down this road late at night, be ready for an experience!

Clinton Road – New Jersey

This road is known as one of the most haunted roads in the world. It has been largely frequented for its haunted sights, and can be found in the state’s publication: “Weird NJ”. The first experience can be readily viewed on Google Earth VR, which can be accessed with a virtual reality headset. 

While you are exploring, there is a large portion of the road that has discolored sections of the forest. This discoloration only happens when you see these grey spooky apparitions floating in your field of view. 

While it is known that Google Maps can be a little wonky at times, it is also understood that a lot of that is due to human error, such as movement or accidents. These are floating apparitions that are located in the air and on the sides of the road, and almost seem to follow the viewer.

This road was where one of the victims of Richard Kuklinski, a notorious mafia hitman, The Iceman, was found. This is an eerie thought, as the Iceman has a body count of anywhere between 100 to 200 men.

The next place on our list of reasons why Clinton road is haunted is Cross Castle. This castle was built by Richard Cross in 1905 and was also burned to the ground a few years later. While there are no confirmed deaths in the fire, there are strange occurrences in the remains.

These occurrences happen to visitors, and include, but are not limited to, seizures, odd visions, and random bruises on their bodies. Other odd happenings on Clinton road include the Ghost Boy of Dead Mans Curve, the ghost truck, a druidic temple, and strange wildlife that stalks the road. 

Jeremy Swamp Road – Southbury, Connecticut

Jeremy Swamp Road in Connecticut is no stranger to the supernatural. As one of the most haunted roads in the state, it is common for people to have stories to tell. 

Legend has it that people who stall out on this road have vanished into thin air. This will happen between the time a tow truck is called, and the time it arrives. For everyone who has dealt with a tow truck, the time can vary depending on where you are located

There is an urban legend that these people could have been attacked and taken by entities called “Melon Heads”. These cryptids are legends in Connecticut, Michigan, and Ohio. They are beings that are small and humanoid with large heads resembling melons.

Owaissa Street – Appleton, Wisconsin

This street is home to a cemetery that leaks paranormal energy across the entirety of the road. There are sightings of ghosts of people buried at the cemetery, and even the people who have mourned them in the past have come to be seen as apparitions.

There have been plenty of people who have witnessed spirit hitchhikers. Some have even offered them a ride, but to have them disappear in the back seat of their vehicle upon driving away. 

Many ghost hunter crews have explored this road, as well as the cemetery, and have received some very convincing EVP (Electromagnetic Voice Phenomenon) that tie the road and the cemetery with similar voices and topics spoke about.

One of the more famous EVPs was found to be that of Kate Blood, who is a strange ghost that haunts the street, as well as her own tombstone in the cemetery. Although many of the events that have been told about her life have been shrouded in mystery, her voice has been caught on many occasions.

Riverdale Road – Colorado

This road has plenty of stories behind it. It is a very well-known road in Colorado, and it is frequented by many people seeking the thrill of a supernatural experience.

One of the most famous stories of this road is of a mansion that was built by a man for his family. He eventually burned it down with his family inside of it, for which he was never caught. It is said the wife’s ghost roams the streets, looking for either her children or her husband.

While the house and the gates are hard to find, It is believed that the gates to the mansion is where the gates to the demon realm lie on this road. It is believed that when you are passing these gates, you will be able to see her in your rearview mirror.

Another story is of a jogger who was hit by a driver and passed. It is said that he now haunts the road. If you are walking the road, you can hear loud footsteps or heartbeats, and if you drive you will find yourself “hitting something”, just to find nothing there.

A lot of the buildings on this road are abandoned but tend to have satanic graffiti written on it. This is thought to attract some demonic energy. Riverdale Road is also where a lot of hangings happened, due to the lower class people being “scapegoated” for crimes that the higher society citizens committed.

This road is also haunted by a Phantom Camaro, which was involved in a fatal accident while speeding down this winding road. It is said that this vehicle will pull up next to you and seem to challenge you to a drag race.

This road also has a similar story to that of Owaissa Street. This road has a girl that hitchhikes and disappears as soon as you pick her up. While this seems like a very cliche idea for a ghost road, there are plenty of people that have witnessed this nameless woman.

Blog By Brooke Lazar

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