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10 Car Noises, Ranked From “Meh…” to “HELP!”

It doesn’t take a mechanic to understand how much of an engineering wonder a car is. At any given time, your car has up to 10,000 moving parts working in sequence with one another to get you where you need to be. Some cars use over 100 different internal computers, which utilize millions of lines […]

How to Safely Change a Flat Tire

There’s nothing worse than being on your way to work or an important event and realizing you’re driving on a flat tire. The true horror comes when you remember that you don’t know how to change a tire. If you have roadside assistance through an extended warranty provider like DriveSmart, you can give them a […]

10 Steps to Prep for a Road Trip

Road trips can be very exciting. Spending several hours in the car with friends or family will give you an unforgettable experience filled with laughter and deep discussions. Before embarking on your road trip, follow these ten vital steps to insure you make it to your destination safely.   1. Get an oil change/tune up. […]

How to Identify and Deal with Road Rage

Let’s face it, everyone gets frustrated behind the wheel. And it’s understandable; between traffic, construction, aggressive drivers and bad weather, it’s easy to become annoyed while driving. However, for too many people, these slight annoyances can escalate to dangerous levels of anger. Defined as “aggressive or violent behavior stemming from a driver’s uncontrolled anger at […]

8 Easy Steps to Jump Start Your Car

It’s happened to all of us at one point or another: you’re on your way to work or coming back from the grocery store and when you get into the car and start the engine, nothing happens. You’re frustrated, confused, and suddenly remembered that you don’t know how to jump start a car. But all […]

Benefits of Purchasing an Extended Auto Warranty

An extended auto warranty, also known as a vehicle service contract, provides repair coverage for your vehicle after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired – all you do is pay a monthly premium. Not sure if you need one? Read on to learn about the benefits of purchasing an extended auto warranty. No matter which provider […]

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