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Graduation Day Essentials

As you gear up and get ready for the big day that you’ve spent countless hours working towards, make sure you have all the essentials to make Graduation Day that special day you will never forget. Here at DriveSmart Warranty we know the anticipation leading up to Graduation may feel like a lifetime, but the […]

How to Keep Your Car as Eco-Friendly as Possible

Maintain properly inflated tires Having deflated tires, even at the slightest bit can directly affect in your cars performance and gas mileage efficacy. Under-inflations can put unnecessary strain on your tires causing friction which will eventually lead to a rupture. An US average price of a new tire is anywhere from $80-$150 per tire depending […]

10 Tips to Keep Your Car Running Forever

As millions of Americans rely on their cars from day to day without a second thought, we would like to remind you there are ways to take care of your automobile so it can continue serving your needs for years to come. With basic maintenance, care and diagnostics one can prolong the life of their […]

5 Fun Car Games for Kids to Play on Road Trips

Taking a road trip to your family vacation destination always seems like a good idea at first – you can save money on airfare while not stressing about getting everyone packed and to the airport on time. But a few hours into the road trip, once the kids are fully rested, is when you’ll start […]

9 Tips for Preparing Your Car for Warm Weather

You always hear of everyone prepping their cars for the harsh winter months, but what about the vicious summer sun? Heat is as big of a threat to your vehicle as the cold and snow are. Whether you’re just driving to the store down the road or taking a road trip, you’re risking the possibility […]

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