To keep you and your car safe

Think About Your Car on President’s Day

When you bought your new vehicle from the dealership and drove it off the lot for the first time, you were protected by your factory warranty. Factory warranties only last three years or 36,000-miles, and if there are any problems during that time, your car is covered bumper-to-bumper. Over the course of the last few […]

What is Powertrain Failure?

Unfortunately, most drivers are not familiar with the sophisticated parts that operate their motor vehicle. Wikipedia has powertrain listed as one of the most important components in an automobile. This is what generates power and delivers it to the road. This includes the engine, transmission, drive shafts, differentials, and the final drive. Powertrain failure tends […]

Maintenance Issues and Tips for Driving During the Winter Season

It is important to perform routine maintenance on your car in areas where the winter becomes especially harsh. Extreme weather conditions lead to more wear and tear on your vehicle, and issues tend to rear their ugly heads much more often when it’s very cold outside. Here are some of the more common problems that […]

How to Stay Awake Behind the Wheel

Planning a big family trip to the mountains? Or are you traveling cross country to the see the world’s largest ball of yarn? No matter the reason, it’s best to always be prepared for the most spontaneous road trips and being prepared not only means preparing your car, but also your body for the miles […]

7 Signs You’re Too Tired to Drive

Preparing for the big road trip to see relatives this holiday season? Whether you’re driving five minutes or five hours, you should always be alert when behind the wheel to make sure you are protecting not only yourself but everyone on the road with you. Falling asleep behind the wheel is just as dangerous as […]

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