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Extended Auto Warranty

By Kyle Loreti | October 28, 2018

Extended Auto Warranty

An extended auto warranty also known as a vehicle service contract, will provide repair coverage for your vehicle after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. All you do is pay a monthly premium. Not sure if you need one? DriveSmart’s Auto Warranty Solutions can be tailored to fit your specific budget and coverage needs!

There are many extended auto warranty providers, however most have a cookie cutter plan that can’t always be tailored to fit your specific financial needs. A good example would be if your car’s powertrain warranty is longer than your bumper-to-bumper coverage in which you can extend only the shorter warranty (powertrain in this case). Having some sort of extra coverage provides benefits to a vehicle. DriveSmart Extended Auto Warranty offers the most affordable plans in the entire industry. The biggest benefit of an extended auto warranty, is that you can transfer it with the car (This will give the car an added value when you go to sell it). For any driver with a car over Seven years old, should have an extended auto warranty. Typically the seven year mark is when a vehicle will have 75,000+ miles. An intermediate inspection should be conducted to assess the vehicle’s most worn-and-torn areas.

Ware and tare is inevitable, so manufacture warranties exist for the outlying faulty parts. However, the issue with manufacture warranties is that they are fundamentally designed to expire before the vehicle needs it. All vehicles are tested and put through durability tests(one way or another) before they are shipped-out-to-be sold. Yes, granting recalls can happen at any time although, its extremely unlikely that you will use your manufacture warranty after buying a new vehicle. Manufacture warranties are polices for the failures of parts. Lets face it, new car parts aren’t designed to last its life time –that is why they are called “parts”  these components exist to serve until replacement — until any unexpected repairs/replacements are needed. This is why a lot of drivers like to sell their car at the 100,000 mark and move on to their next. As cars age, more things tend to break, the more things that break the more money that comes out of pocket for repairs.

DriveSmart Warranty is an extended warranty provider that will offer additional perks with the purchase of a vehicle service contract.  This could include: 24-hour roadside assistance, complementary rental car, or trip interruption to help pay food and lodging expenses if you break down away from home. The service portion of an auto warranty is used at the time of a contracted vehicle’s failure, it can be serviced at any dealership or any ASE-licensed mechanic. Your provider’s administrator will deal with the repair shop directly and take care of the paperwork. All you have to do is make a phone call, and start the claim process.

If you’re still on the fence about purchasing an extended auto warranty, just think about the peace of mind you’re going to receive. All vehicles are prone to have failures, which will becomes costly. With an extended auto warranty, you can sleep peacefully at night knowing that in the event your car breaks down, you won’t have to pay out of pocket for the expensive repairs.

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Disclosure: DriveSmart offers Protection Plans or Vehicle Service Contracts (VSC) may be referred as “extended car warranty”, or “auto warranty”. A VSC is not a warranty but provides repair coverage for your vehicle after your manufacturer’s vehicle warranty has expired. The VSC contract is with you and the vehicles owner and the VSC provider or administrator that will state what is covered in each plan.