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Car Care Tips for Winter

By Kyle Loreti | September 1, 2018

Five Car Care Tips for Winter that will preserve your automotive investment!

Just when you think you’ve been spared of having to drive in the snow this year, it happens: you turn on the news or check your Facebook news feed and everyone is freaking out about an impending snowstorm. Don’t know how to keep you and your car safe in harsh winter conditions? Follow these  car care tips and you’re guaranteed to never dread driving in the snow again!

Check your tires. For every ten degrees the temperature drops, tire pressure decreases by one pound. The chances of your tire pressure being low are very high and you should put air in your tires before the snowstorm hits. You should also inspect your tires for signs of wear and tear, as thin or uneven tread wear can reduce traction on slippery roads.

Wash your car’s exterior. Snow and road salt are notorious for dulling your car’s paint and making it susceptible to rust. Take preemptive measures and wash your car with a product to protect it, but be sure to focus on the lower parts of your car that are hit with the most snow and salt.

Care for your car’s interior. Much like how snow and road salt affect the exterior of your car, it can also affect the interior. Tracking in snow and salt can stain your interior, and the salt could even seep through the floor and begin to rust. Using rubber floor mats instead of your regular carpet mats can prevent this.

Top off all your fluids. Be sure to replace your windshield wiper fluid with a winter blend that will not freeze once the snow begins to fall. You should also check your antifreeze and oil levels to ensure no internal damage is done to your car.

Put together an emergency kit. One of the worse things imaginable is your car breaking down even after taking all the precautions listed above. Be prepared and keep an emergency kit in your car. This can include items such as jumper cables, blankets, a fully charged portable phone charger, non-perishable snacks, and water.

Drive smarter this year and follow these five tips to ensure your car is protected from the harsh winter weather. You won’t regret it, drive smart!

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