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8 Essential Items to Keep in Your Car During the Winter

By Kyle Loreti | November 30, 2017

Everybody loves the holidays that come along with the winter months, but nobody likes driving in the snowy conditions. The weather is extra cold, the road is slippery, and it gets darker early, so you have to pay extra attention while driving. Now imagine your car breaks down or you get stuck in the snow. Don’t panic – if you plan and keep these eight items in your car, I guarantee you’ll be all right until a friend, family member, or roadside assistance shows up to help you.

Portable phone charger. I’m sure at this point almost everyone keeps a USB car charger in their car, but what happens if your car is unable to start? I recommend keeping a fully charged portable phone charger in your glove box in case your phone dies before help has arrived.

Blankets. There’s nothing worse than the heat in your car not working in the dead of winter. Be sure to keep some warm, fuzzy blankets in your car to keep you comfortable until someone shows up to the rescue.

Car emergency kit and first aid kit. Winter or not, you should always keep these items in your car. Car emergency kits come with many tools that could be helpful in a sticky situation such as reflective warning triangles, jumper cables, and a flashlight. Make sure your first aid kit has plenty of band-aids, ointments, and any medicines specific to you or your family.

Snow shovel. This item will prove helpful if you are stuck in the snow and can’t rock your way out of it. Use a snow shovel to dig out the snow around your tires to help move the car.

Sand or cat litter. If the above method doesn’t work, try pouring some sand or cat litter under your tires for extra traction to help you out of the snow.

Water and non-perishable foods. You don’t want to become dehydrated or hungry while waiting for help to arrive, do you? Keep some spare water bottles and non-perishable foods (such as cereal or granola bars) in your car to hold you over.

Extra clothes. In the event your clothes get wet from the snow, you don’t want to be sitting in waterlogged clothes until help shows up. Always keep a change of clothing in your car, along with a hat and gloves to keep you extra warm in case your heater isn’t working.

Windshield scraper or brush. This item is extra important because you need to be able to see out of your windshields to make it home safely, don’t you? Always keep a windshield scraper or brush handy to clear up the snow from your view.

Be smarter this winter and keep these eight items in your car in case of a break down or another emergency – better safe than sorry!

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