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CPR: Car Payment Reimbursement CPR: Car Payment Reimbursement

DriveSmart Warranty, an industry innovator, is introducing the all new Car Payment Reimbursement program, a revolutionary way to save money when your car is in the shop for repairs. For the many of us that have peace of mind from an extended auto warranty, or the ones who don’t and are reading this, there is finally a vehicle service contract that stands out from other auto warranty companies. Customers who bought a DriveSmart Warranty plan automatically receive CPR benefits and will have their automobile bill paid for in full when your car is in the shop for more than a week; even paying for up to three months! This new program displays DriveSmart Warranty’s passion to provide their customers the absolute best services to relieve the stresses from breakdowns. Why should we pay for a car that we can’t even drive, right?

In addition to the CPR program, DriveSmart Warranty covers car rentals, roadside and lockout assistance, provides flexible payment plans, and issues direct payments to your dealership’s service department or favorite repair shop nationally. There is always peace of mind when you have DriveSmart Warranty’s coverage and you can always cancel hassle-free, at anytime. DriveSmart was created by entrepreneurs with one goal in mind: to save people money. Everyone likes to think we can control what happens in our lives, preparing for the unknown, but as this author has learned things go wrong at the worst time possible in an instant, so being covered is a weight lifted off your shoulders.

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Disclosure: DriveSmart offers Protection Plans or Vehicle Service Contracts (VSC) may be referred as “extended car warranty”, or “auto warranty”. A VSC is not a warranty but provides repair coverage for your vehicle after your manufacturer’s vehicle warranty has expired. The VSC contract is with you and the vehicles owner and the VSC provider or administrator that will state what is covered in each plan.