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Super Bowl LIII 2019 Auto Commercials

on February 1, 2019
Super Bowl LIII 2019 - Super Bowl LIII 2019 Auto Commercials

Super Bowl LIII 2019 Auto Commercials

on February 1, 2019

With Superbowl LIII airing on February 3rd we are only days away from seeing an excessively controversial match up between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams which resulted in the NFL issuing a bad call on the refs part. Regardless of the situation there’s one thing that encompasses the other half of the viewing audience which is the Superbowl commercials. 


The Cost of Super Bowl Commercials

It’s no secret that advertising during the Superbowl is an expensive process, sometimes a single 30-second spot could run advertisers a budget that consumes a years’ worth of spending. Fox has reportedly charged up to $5 million for a single 30-second televised ad spot for Superbowl 2017, and following suit for 2018 as well with reports of the same $5 million for a 30-second spot. For some comparison, the average price of a 30-second ad during the 2016 world series ran advertisers only $500,000. This shows the popularity and large following of the sports event, which is why it’s so important for advertisers to make every second count.

Thanks to efforts from Adweek we are able to have a glance at some of the top dogs of advertising present their multi-million dollar works of art. Provided are the newest advertisements slates for their appearance in this upcoming Superbowl LIII.



Unfortunately, Dodge has been silent as far as announcing the official Superbowl commercial, but with its high production budget and high energy feeling of arriving at the game, Dodge seems to have something big up its sleeve. This high paced commercial includes a high energy rendition of Charlie Daniel’s country classic “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”, as Dodge staples such as the Challenger, Charger and Durango SUV take to the streets of Atlanta, Georgia to arrive at the big game





Hyundai’s ad is slated to run during the first quarter of the game and will be given the center of attention thanks to its secured spot as the Official Sponsor of Superbowl LIII. In the ad we see actor Jason Bateman portraying an elevator attendant escorting multiple passengers to different negative areas of their lives. From the dentist offices to jury duty and all the way up to the talk of puberty, we see the hassles of each person’s life. Once the topic hits car buying the attitude of the elevator shifts to a no-hassle occurrence thanks to Hyundai’s Shopper assurance showing off the new palisade SUV.




With no official announcement if the Jeep is an official advertiser during the Superbowl LIII there is a good reason to believe that they have already solidified a spot to run. With a 30-second ad titled “Crusher” that was uploaded on January 29th, there is a fair amount of reason to suspect Jeep will make an appearance during the game.

The commercial begins with a pickup truck being lead into a mechanical crusher in a junkyard to be turned into scrap metal. As the process begins the Pickup truck beings changing as it’s crush down further. The camera then zooms out to reveal the pickup portrayed in the commercial with no flaws or damage and announces to ruination of the classic Gladiator pickup.

With a reveal of that caliber it’s hard to believe they would omit this from running during the game day.




Kia has taken a different approach from the rest of the marketing we have seen so far to announce the creation of “The Great Unknowns Scholarship” which is just that, unknown. The only indication of the Kia brand is shown at the end card of this 30-second advert, along to a link directing people to

What better way to do it than to drop a multitude of millions in order to advertise on the largest commercial day of the year?




Mercedes was uncharacteristically missing from last years Super Bowl, as they took a different marketing approach to run a side contest during the game using their own interactive app. This time around they are focusing their showcasing on the new voice-command feature of its new MBUX information system.

The commercial itself takes a comedic approach to the everyday obstacles that could be improved on with the use of the MBUX built-in voice-command system. This commercial is packed with tons of pop culture references from the Loony Tunes to Free Willy as the main character seemingly fixes all the errors surrounding himself and improves it for others’ lives. Seemingly to be a very tongue-in-cheek feeling of how a Mercedes will improve the quality of life. Basic advertising implemented well.




Toyota’s Superbowl advert titled “Toni” centers around the life and upcoming of Antoinette Harris, a female football player from Detroit, and the dedication and hard work necessary to bring her to the point she is today. The big emphasis of the commercial lies with the advertisement for the Toyota RAV4 which shows adaption no matter where life brings you.




An oddity for the automotive category of advertising Walmart has exercised their creativity as well as their endless supply of marketing budget to create a commercial simply titled “Famous Cars”. This commercial doesn’t advertise for cars but instead uses pop-culture references spanning decades to advertise the accessibility and convince of their free pickup system. From iconic vehicles spanning from the media such as “Scooby-doo”, “Knight Rider” and “Back to the Future”. To find all of the referenced vehicles in the commercial you can visit CarandDriver’s article detailing them all.




With another heavy hitter from Dodge the Ram commercial takes a different approach to be something that you will be sure to remember. With the commercial beginning with a discussion on Superbowl ads being released online prior to game day ruining the magic of the advertisements. The pair then begins reminiscing about different ads in previous years




Audi’s Superbowl commercial has generated some buzz around the internet. With it’s announcement of their inclusion in the Super Bowl Ad space but with no information other than it’s going to be an “electrifying theme”.

With the release of their Super Bowl ad titled “Cashew” we see the deception of a man walking home to his family home. This is where he is greeted by his father who unveils a gift he had purchased the son in the form of the new Audi e-tron GT concept car.

Just as the car is started and the electrifying features are presented we are taken to a hard cut of the same man at his desk in his office. There he is in the process of choking on a cashew and being saved by a co worker. This ends with the man looking upset to being brought back to his mundane 9-5 existence.

The car featured in the commercial is the e-tron GT which is a concept car and has not officially been released as of yet, but plans of production are estimated to begin within the next 2 years.



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There may be a new commercials being announced that we haven’t been able to cover as of yet. But we will do our best to update this article with the newest commercials once they are fully published.

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